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Korea Concrete Institute (KCI) is an institution composed of professionals from all fields of concrete research, education, industry, and applications in the areas of concrete material, structure analysis and design, construction, repair and strengthening, and concrete related manufacturing and production.


In the past century, rapidly advanced concrete knowledges and technology have greatly contributed in construction of various buildings, roads, bridges, offshore structures, dams, and other civil infrastructures.


Especially, in the past 2 decades, technology associated with concrete quality and production have seen incredible growth and transformation all over the world in the areas of material, design, construction, repair and strengthening, manufacturing, et cetra. The advancement of concrete technology will only gain momentum for achieving better and newer concrete technology in the future. Therefore, in order to maintain our nation's concrete technology at the world class level, everyone associated with the field of concrete ranging from businessmen to professors and from practicing engineers to researchers must cooperate and collaborate. In order to achieve this endeavoring task, Korea Concrete Institute was found to develop, supply, and advance concrete related technology.


Korea Concrete Institute is an association of professionals working in the field of concrete. The institution's main goal is to advance knowledges, technology, applications of concrete materials, structure analysis and design, construction, repair and strengthening, and manufacturing. The goal can be made possible by active participations in Korea Concrete Institute by academic institutions, industries, research laboratories, and government branches on fundamental researches, international collaborations, technical instructions, and other programs. By everyone in concrete field working together as one and as partners, we can surly advance concrete technology, researches, applications, and industry-academia collaborations in Korea.


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