The sustainability is of main concern to leave the world a better place for future generations. The cement manufacturing process have historically required significant inputs of raw materials and energy, which resulted in emitting large quantities of hazardous materials and pollutants. As a result, cement related industries have been perceived as a harm to the environment. To reduce any negative environmental impacts due to energy consumption, emissions, and virgin materials resulting from the manufacturing of cement, we have strived to develop innovative concrete and energy efficient cement products by advancing recycling technologies of waste materials as well as energy saving technologies in cement production. Due to such efforts, cement related industries saw continuous growth, and it is also starting to be recognized as an eco-friendly industry. However, the overwhelming public opinion is still firm on concrete itself as being harmful to our health and surroundings. In order to change this misleading perception, we, Korea Concrete Institute (KCI), will diversely advertise better images of the concrete industry, and will provide a chance for discussion regarding all matters related to concrete and the development of solutions to current problems. Moreover, continuous communication among KCI members, concrete related organizations, and the public is critical in order to find best ways to do concrete work of all kinds and in spreading that knowledge.


All KCI executives and myself will do our best for the future of our concrete society. Following activities are to


Review existing organization and regulations for our future-oriented Institute to accelerate the MUST movement, which stands for Morality, Unity, Symmetric, and Top, and ;


Recruit more members and minimize dormant members to cooperate with concrete-related organizations, and ;
3. Reform related provisions and organization to accelerate the activities of KCI Research Center, and ;
4. Host International Conferences and Workshops and thus derive enhanced design guidelines and specifications considering local conditions, and ;
5. Provide a comradeship by supporting activities of several association clubs in KCI.


Ever since the establishment of our Institute at 1989, we have been continuously growing due to our endless enthusiasm for the progress of KCI. Once again, all KCI's executives and myself will do our utmost efforts for the step forward of KCI, which aims to harmonize Concrete with Human and Nature. Thank you.


Chang-Sik Choi

President, Korea Concrete Institute


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