Foundation for 21st Century Concrete Technology Advancement
New concrete technology are developed by active participations in fundamental research, international collaboration, technical consulting, technical educations and publications, and various other programs.


Systematic Support for Concrete Technical Training and Professional Education
Concrete related companies are provided with technical support and education
Concrete periodicals and technical manuals are published


Fundamental Research Program
Knowledge and technology transfer are made possible by Magazine of the Korea Concrete Institute, Journal of the Korea Concrete Institute, technical information manual, research conference preceeding, technical seminar by KCI and other academic society members.
  • Annual research conferences in spring and fall.
  • Subcommittee and Task Force Committee installation and participation.
  • Institution awards for of Contribution, Research, Technical Advancement, Invention, Publication, and Special Achievement.
  • Presentation of technical lecture, seminar, symposium, workshop, and exhibition.


International Collaboration Programs
Fundamental knowledges and technology are developed and supplied through active collaboration with international organizations.
  • Cooperation with international organizations.
  • Translation of other international codes.
  • Development of Asian Concrete Model Code (ACMC).
  • Publication of English Research Publication Journal.
  • Foreign construction site visit.
  • Organizing international research conference.


Quality Certification
The validity and quality of federal agency and private industry pursued concrete related activities and manufactured products are examined for certification.
  • Certification of concrete related business.
  • Certification of newly developed concrete technology and software.


Standard Specification and Design Code Legislation and Revision
Standard design codes and specifications for concrete material production and structural design and construction are enacted and modified for proper usage.
  • Standard Concrete Construction Specification.
  • Concrete Structure Design Code.
  • Suggestive guide and methodology.
  • Manual publication.
  • Handbook publication.


Publicity, Marketing, and Consultation Program
Advancement and publicity of concrete industry maximized through KCI journal advertisement, exhibition, joint seminar, et cetra.
  • Advertisement in KCI publication.
  • Exhibition.
  • Joint seminar presentation.


Technical Support Program
Technical support and training are offered for technical development of concrete related companies.
  • New technology support.
  • Consultation training support.
  • Professional standard code development support.


Technical Education and Training Program
Concrete technical specializing education and training are offered as a construction technology human resource educational institute
  • Education and training of professionals in construction industry (specialist education).
  • Technical seminars on specific areas of concrete.
  • Unified Concrete Standard Specification and Structure Design Code Commentary seminars.


Publication Activity
Concrete specializing periodical and publications are printed.
  • Magazine of the Korea Concrete Institute, Journal of the Korea Concrete Institute, KCI Concrete Journal.
  • Concrete Standard Code and Structure Design Specification Manual.
  • Specializing concrete manual.
  • Construction specification manual.


Manuscript Instruction
  • Manuscript has to be written in Korean or English.
  • Total number of printed pages for publication are 8 pages or less including tables, figures, photographs. Additional pages are charged ₩20,000 (= $17) per page and total page number has to be 12 pages or less.
  • One real copy and 3 photocopies must be submitted for publication review with a filled out publication application.
  • Author must send ₩45,000 (= $38) for review of each publication.
  • If paper is accepted for publication the paper saved in a computer diskette must be submitted.
  • Maximum number of authors must be 5 people or less and one of the authors must be KCI number.
  • Other detailed information regarding publication composition and submission can be found in Journal of the Korea Concrete Institute Volume 13 Number 1 of 2001 or KCI homepage at



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